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Whaddon, Bucks



1 November 2018 -Update.

MILTON KEYNES PLAN:MK - Schedule of main modifications Consultation.


Plan:MK was submitted to the Inspectorate for examination in March, and following the close of public examination hearings modifications were made to make the plan 'Sound'.

The latest version of this document will be subject to a further 6 week Public Consultation period running from 31 October to 12 December 2018, but only the main modifications can be commented on, and not the original plan itself.

The Plan will set out the visions, development strategy, sites and policies for the future development of Milton Keynes, and its policies map will cover the whole of the MK Borough administrative area.

Although Whaddon Village sits just outside the MK district boundary, its planning policies could impact on local residents.  Whaddon PC commented on the Topics consultation document in December 2014, and attended one of the ‘Vision Workshops’ in April 2016. The current version appears to reflect and support the comments put forward by Whaddon Parish Council then, and over many years, in so much as it would appear that MK Council are now planning to cross the M1 Motorway and looking East towards Cranfield for their long term expansion areas, rather than South and West towards Whaddon.

For further information please visit:- https://www.milton-keynes.gov.uk/planning-and-building/planning-policy/plan-mk-examination


1 November 2018  - VALE OF AYLESBURY LOCAL PLAN (VALP) Latest update.

In late August, the Inspector sent his findings on VALP to AVDC following the end of the Public Hearing sessions.  He has made it clear that there needs to be several very significant modifications in order to make the plan 'sound'. The headline modification - and the one likely to interest Whaddon residents most, is the required increase in new homes delivery - up to 31,500 from 28,800 - and his seeming insistence that there needs to be significantly more housing 'adjacent to Milton Keynes'. Even though the final figure is not yet known, AVDC seem to accept that some increase would be justified - and the normal half way compromise would result in an additional allocation of some 1800 new homes. One implication of this required modification may be that 'Shenley Park' - a site being promoted by Crest Homes for about 1800 new homes, (between Bottlehouse Farm and the A421, on either side of the Shenley Road, running behind the village recreation ground), which was initially identified as being a 'possible site' in the draft VALP - but later removed as not being required) may be re-visited by AVDC to see if it might be suitable to 'fill the housing requirement gap' - although they are bound to look again at any other locally promoted sites that may be  appropriate, to include in the revised VALP.  This all points to a lot more work by the Forward Plans Team at AVDC, and a further substantial delay in achieving an adopted plan. Whatever occurs, there will need to be a further public consultation period of 6 weeks when the revised VALP is published probably in the Spring of next year. The final plan is now not expected to be adopted until Summer 2019 ..... but probably later.  Whaddon residents may well wish to comment on the revised plan during the public consultation period, and Whaddon P.C. will endeavour to keep residents advised at Parish meetings or via the village email listing.

For further information please visit:- http://www.aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk/section/vale-aylesbury-local-plan-valp












1 November 2018 - Update.


Following the six week consultation between the 21 February and the 4 April 2018 on the proposed schedule of modifications, the Inspector  found that the Milton Keynes Site Allocations Plan (SAP) satisfies the requirements of Section 20(5) of the Act and meets the criteria for soundness set out in the NPPF, provided the main modifications were included - which they subsequently were.

This document supports the 2013 MK Core Strategy to ensure the Council has enough land allocated in the short-medium term to demonstrate a 5-year supply of housing land. This plan will only allocate small-medium sized sites, as the major ‘strategic’ sites will be allocated through Plan:MK when it is finally adopted during 2019.

Whaddon PC commented on the ‘Issues and Options’ document in November 2014 due to the possible inclusion of a 23ha site at Shenley Dens Farm (ref No: U29) for approx 350 homes, which had it been included would have been a serious incursion into the Whaddon/Nash Valley Local Landscape Area, therefore ‘harming its character’ as concluded by the MK Local Plan Inspector in 2005.

In adopting the plan, MK Council did  not include site U29 - Shenley Dens Farm, because having considering some 87 sites, MK Council concluded that there was "No added value in allocating it at the present time".

For further information please visit:- https://www.milton-keynes.gov.uk/planning-and-building/planning-policy/site-allocations-plan