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Whaddon, Bucks


29 September 2017 - VALE OF AYLESBURY LOCAL PLAN (VALP) Update.

The long awaited ‘Proposed Submission Draft’ of the Vale of Aylesbury Plan, 2013-2033, was published on 15 Sept. in readiness for its consideration by various AVDC committees, before the final Public Consultation stage to be held between 2 November and 14 December.  The report was discussed at the Whaddon P.C. meeting on the 28 Sept, and it was agreed that your Parish Council would submit an appropriate response towards the end of this period.

The whole report, including the 300 page draft VALP document can be found at :-


Crucially, and most importantly for Whaddon village and it’s residents, WHA001 (the 1800 - 2000 homes at ‘Shenley Park’ – between Bottlehouse Farm and the A421, on either side of the Shenley Road, running behind the village recreation ground), :-


This will come as a huge relief to Whaddon and it's residents, but it does not mean that this is the end of the story, as there remains a long way to go before the emerging Plan completes it’s progress through further various stages before it’s final adoption, after Public Examination in about 18-24 months time.  During this time, we can assume, and possibly expect Crest Strategic Land (the promoters of the WHA001 site) to continue work on their ongoing Environmental Assessments, and perhaps even mount a planning application at some future date, just in case any of the ‘preferred allocated sites’ run into trouble and are unable to deliver their expected housing numbers during the Plan period. To emphasise this point, Crest Homes addressed the AVDC Scrutiny committee on 26 September to further promote their site, which they argued was better than others that had been included. This was unexpected because developers normally use the 'public consultation periods' for this purpose.

In the hopefully unlikely scenario that the Council's preferred sites may not 'deliver the required homes' Crest might be in a position to ‘put forward’ ‘Shenley Park’ as an alternative site for consideration or, as often happens, they may continue to promote the site for a long term future review of the Plan (i.e. towards or after the 2033 Plan end date).

Whaddon is confirmed within the Latest Plan version as a ‘Smaller Village’, and as such will be expected to take some small scale development to help maintain the existing community, by smaller ‘windfall’ sites that will come forward.  No specific housing allocations however have be made within the village.

Finally, in this update, Should you visit and read the Plan, the important part for Whaddon is the section under Salden Chase, on pages 120 – 125, paragraphs 4.110 – 4.113.

This section is reproduced below :-

In determining the housing figure for Aylesbury Vale, a crucial aspect of the Local Plan is to decide the strategic locations where development should be allocated. At the issues and options stages of the Local Plan two strategic allocations were considered on the edge of Milton Keynes/Bletchley.

The Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) v4 (January 2017) confirmed that the two strategic allocations known as Salden Chase (NLV001) and Shenley Park (WHA001) were both suitable or part suitable for housing and or economic development.

As a result of further assessment and taking account of the overall housing requirement for Aylesbury Vale, Salden Chase has been identified as the most appropriate strategic allocation to come forward at this stage.

For further information please visit:- http://www.aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk/section/vale-aylesbury-local-plan-valp












15 April 2017 - Update.


This document supports the 2013 MK Core Strategy to ensure the Council has enough land allocated in the short-medium term to demonstrate a 5-year supply of housing land. This plan will only allocate small-medium sized sites, as the major ‘strategic’ sites will be allocated through Plan:MK when it is finally adopted in 2018/19.

Whaddon PC commented on the ‘Issues and Options’ document in November 2014 due to the possible inclusion of a 23ha site at Shenley Dens Farm (ref No: U29) for approx 350 homes, which had it been included would have been a serious incursion into the Whaddon/Nash Valley Local Landscape Area, therefore ‘harming its character’ as concluded by the MK Local Plan Inspector in 2005.

The ‘Preferred Option Plan’ was recently approved by MK Council and the selected 21 'preferred’ MK sites did not include site U29 - Shenley Dens Farm. After considering some 87 sites, MK Council concluded that there was "No added value in allocating the Shenley Dens U29 site, at the present time".

Your Parish Council fully supported this recommendation, and MKC announced on 12 April that the Plan was submitted ‘without further amendment’ to the Planning Inspectorate on 31 March. The ‘soundness’ of this plan will now be examined by Inspector Richard Schofield, and the dates for the Hearing Sessions will be announced shortly. Whaddon P.C. will not be attending these sessions, because the threat of developing the Shenley Dens Farm site has disappeared – at least for the time being!

MK Council hope to adopt this Plan mid-2017.

For further information please visit:- https://www.milton-keynes.gov.uk/planning-and-building/planning-policy/site-allocations-plan



19 October 2016 – Update


Because of the building work that will shortly take place either side of Guildford Ave and the upgrade work required to the road, this road is being closed by Taylor Wimpey for up to 18 months.

This has a knock-on effect of closing part of Shenley Rd (from Bridgenorth Drive/Guildford Ave to the first bend – going left towards Tattenhoe Bare Farm).

As a result, there will be major diversions in place. At the A421 / Coddimoor Lane roundabout, clear road closure signs to Milton Keynes will be erected. Further there will be up to three chicanes on Coddimoor Lane to slow traffic and reinforce that there is a road closure.

Details of the diversion routes and closures are attached on the two drawings. The overview drawing is being amended under Bucks CC guidance to Taylor Wimpey, which will reflect chicanes to be placed on Coddimoor Lane (not Shenley Rd as currently shown) and better signage at the entrance to Whaddon (from Coddimoor Lane) to endeavour to stop traffic turning into the village and then doing U turns to get back to the A421.

Timing: - the work is scheduled to last 12 months (3rd Quarter 2017); however, it may take as long as 18 months if there are adverse weather conditions. Closure commenced on 24th October 2016.

There will be quarterly meetings of the Planning Liaison Group (including Taylor Wimpey) to review progress and keep all residents informed.

Cycle routes and pedestrian routes will continue to be open – other than those that happen after the closure point on Shenley Rd which will remain closed for the duration.


Attachments (SEE PAGE BELOW):

1. Shenley Road Kingsmead Closure Overview

2. Shenley Road Kingsmead Closure Zoom

3. Village communication letter.

15 April 2017 - Update.


The latest version of this document is currently out for Public Consultation, and responses are invited by MK Council before 9 June latest. Your Parish Council will be discussing its response to the plan at its meeting on Thursday 11 June (7.30pm at the Chapel). Please come along and make your views known, or visit the website below and make your comments direct on-line.

After the consultation period has ended and MK Council have considered further comments, the final Plan:MK will be examined by a Government Inspector in Spring 2018, with final adoption towards the end of 2018 or early 2019. It will replace the existing MK Local Plan (2005) and the more recent Core Strategy (2013).

The Plan will set out the visions, development strategy, sites and policies for the future development of Milton Keynes, and its policies map will cover the whole of the MK Borough administrative area.

Although Whaddon Village sits just outside the MK district boundary, its planning policies could impact on local residents.  Whaddon PC commented on the Topics consultation document in December 2014, and attended one of the ‘Vision Workshops’ in April 2016. The current version appears to reflect and support the comments put forward by Whaddon Parish Council then, and over many years, in so much as it would appear that MK Council are now planning to cross the M1 Motorway and looking East towards Cranfield for their long term expansion areas, rather than South and West towards Whaddon.

For further information please visit:- https://www.milton-keynes.gov.uk/planning-and-building/planning-policy/plan-mk